Artic Chill Towels.

Arctic Chill Cooling Towel

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Keep cool in the heat! Some suggested uses: Keep cool during sporting activities - Dry off after a swim - Get relief from sunburn, hot flashes, swelling. The Arctic Chill Towel is a cooling towel / sport towel that uses an evaporative cooling effect to help you feel cooler as temperatures rise. Simply wet the towel in any temperature water, wring it out, give it a shake and the Arctic Chill Towel cooling / sport towel will remain considerably cooler than the air temperature for up to four hours. Unlike other "bandana style" cooling products, the Arctic Chill Towel retains water and will not leave you or your clothes feeling "wet". The Arctic Chill Towel measures approximately 23.5" x 16.75" is machine washable and reusable.