21st Century Challenge: Sponge VS Cloth

by Benjamin Cheng on August 26, 2017
We spill things on a daily basis. Our clumsiness and cumbersome hands and feet are culprits of this predicament. But cloths are no longer the only way we can tackle such mess. 

The second generation of Magic Sponge from Vendetta.sg tackles precisely such an issue. It has a superior absorption capability to take in as much as 1 litre worth of water, and what this means for you and me is that we will never need to squeeze our cloth again. I know this sounds decadent, but in this day and age, would you say no to cool convenience? 

The next benefit that the Magic Sponge brings to the table is quintessential. We all truly have a hatred for stubborn stains, especially in the kitchen. And to make matters worse, our regular cloth is not really getting the job done very well. But if you give the Magic Sponge a chance, you’ll experience for yourself its ability to get rid of stubborn stains. 

At the end of the day, the fact that it can absorb so much water is good enough reason to give it try. 


Plus, you get up to 15% of discount for a limited time period with the promo: NDAYSG. 

Happy Shopping!

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